7th Grade Survey of the Old Testament: Creation of all good things; the Fall of humanity and the need for Grace; the history of redemption through Israel; feeling the truth of the 诗歌 of Scripture; the prophets’ look at the coming Kingdom and Messiah

八年级基督的生命:独一无二的诞生, 生活, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; evaluating the most significant sermon of all time; overcoming temptation and the eternal state

9th Grade Acts of the Apostles: The new Kingdom community; the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives; withstanding external and internal attacks; the role of the Christian in society; changing prejudices; living a 生活 of evangelism

十年级《亚游集团官方网站》:福音对创造的描述,改变人生, 秋天, redemption and restoration; a practical look at wisdom and how to live a meaningful 生活

11th Grade Knowing God: The Doctrines of knowing God through His revealed essence and attributes; the doctrine of humanity and our responsibility to seek God where He may be found

12th Grade Timeless Truth: Understanding the basis for and the application of the Christian worldview to interacting and creating culture; evaluating the similarities and differences between other worldviews and religions



数学7(预代数)-在预代数, 学生使用的变量是值的占位符.  这使他们能够以更抽象的方式处理问题,也是学习代数的先决条件.  学生学习如何解决和绘制代数方程和不等式. 他们处理小数和分数,这是解决比率和百分比问题的先决条件.  引入指数. 多边形,以及面积和体积的研究.  探讨了直角三角形和勾股定理.

数学8(代数)-在预代数中介绍的主题是代数的复习和扩展.  代数中的新概念是集合, 求解方程组和不等式, 非线性函数, 对线性函数的深入分析, 多项式, 保理, 和激进分子. 学生继续解决文字问题,以提高他们解决问题的能力.

几何-学生学习如何构建线,角度,图形和转换他们.  他们学习逻辑,如何推理和写证明. 对四边形的性质进行了分析.  研究了图形的一致性和相似性.  计算图形的面积、表面积和体积.

Algebra 2 and Trigonometry -  This subject begins with a review and extension of many of the topics in Algebra such as 保理 多项式, 解方程和不等式, 简化和求解有理表达式和根式.  代数2更详细地研究了函数, 包括组成, 逆, 指数函数和对数函数以及非线性函数的关系和图形.  对二次方程进行了更详细的研究.  介绍了复数、序列和级数.  三角函数将在学年的后半部分学习.  在直角三角形和单位圆中探索三角函数. 三角函数图也进行了探讨. 教授三角恒等式、方程和应用.

Pre-Calculus – This class begins with a review of Trigonometry and then reviews as well as expands previous subjects of functions, 逆, 多项式, 和公式.  然后讨论了二次曲线和复数.  本课程的其余部分包括矩阵代数、统计和序列.  临近学年结束的时候, 课堂开始讨论极限, 很好地从序列中流动,作为微积分的入门.

统计学——在这门课上, 我们研究了不同的收集方式, 分析和呈现数据以及研究概率.  报刊上经常引用统计数字, and students learn different ways of summarizing data with a value or an interval and how to determine if the statistical study appears legitimate.  另一种呈现和分析数据的方法是通过数据的可变性.  学生学习正态分布和二项分布.

– This class will investigate a number of topics with the goal of introducing students to financial awareness in both the personal and business sector.  话题将包括工资、储蓄、支出、贷款、费用和预算.  将给予企业财务时间, 比如航运, 办公产品, 旅行, 制造业, 实现收支平衡.  在课堂上的某个时刻, students will pick a career that they believe they will end up with and then simulate their financial 生活 while investigating the topics above.




七年级:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; short stories, 诗歌, 以及《亚游集团官方网站》等精选小说, 金爵杯, 圣诞颂歌, and The Hobbit; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 叙述, 还有说服性文章, 还有创意写作.

八年级:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; short stories, 诗歌, 以及《亚游集团官方网站》等精选小说, 一岁的, and The Giver; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 叙述, 还有说服性文章, 还有创意写作.

九年级:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; short stories, 诗歌, 以及精选的戏剧和小说,如《亚游集团官方网站》, 猩红的罂粟花, 螺丝带信, and To Kill A Mockingbird; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 好辩的, 还有说服性文章, 还有创意写作.

10年级:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; short stories, 诗歌, 以及《亚游集团官方网站》等精选戏剧和小说, 罗密欧与朱丽叶, 西拉水手, Dr. 杰基尔和先生. 海德, and Lord of the Flies; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 好辩的, 还有说服性文章, 还有创意写作.

11年级:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; a focus on American literature through short stories, 诗歌, 以及《亚游集团官方网站》等精选戏剧和小说, 《哈克贝利·费恩历险记, 我的安东尼娅, 我们的小镇, 了不起的盖茨比, 单独的和平, and Fahrenheit 451; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 好辩的, 还有说服性文章.

12th grade: A special program for high honor students to complete their freshman year of college along with their senior year in high school through an online composition 101 course. 对于我们的高中课程:综合阅读, 写作, 语法, and vocabulary; a focus on 生活-changing literature through short stories, 诗歌, 以及《失乐园》等精选戏剧和小说, 贝奥武夫, 庞贝最后的日子, 麦克白, 哈姆雷特, 认真的重要性, 藏身之处, Tuesdays With Morrie and various contemporary choices; 写作 includes research papers, 期刊, 信息丰富的, 好辩的, 还有说服性文章.



7th & 〇8年级 生命科学 -研究上帝创造的生物和生物的分类. We will study the five Kingdoms of living things; Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plants, and Animals. 科学概论 本课程分为三个主要研究领域:化学、物理和地球科学. 在这些研究领域中,我们将看到上帝的设计是如何明显的.

九年级和十年级 物理科学导论 —IPS是基于实验室的类. 这意味着这门课的大部分工作将通过做实验的方式在小组中完成. Labs will lead students into how to separate and identify different substances by their physical characteristics. 生物学 - We will study God’s creation and see that it was God that created the different kinds and not natural processes and chemicals. 我们将看到,自然选择和适应保护了生命形式,而不是产生新的生命形式.

11年级和12年级 化学 - Through the study of chemistry we will clearly see the invisible hand of God in even the very minute. 学习的主题将包括能源, 气体定律, 摩尔, 化学方程式, 化学计量学, 原子粒子, 化学键, 还有吸引力, 平衡, 酸和碱.  物理概念 -通过讨论和实验学习和体验物理概念. 数学不会有压力,所以即使是普通的数学学生也能在这门课上表现出色. 强调力学领域. 其他领域包括声音、光、颜色、反射、折射和电子.



(9 /10年级)-人类是地球上独一无二的生物, 是按照上帝的形象特别创造的. The health curriculum is based on the truth that man is fearfully and wonderfully made by God and His works are wonderful. 今年的工作将涉及人体的不同部位和系统.



7/8年级-  美国历史- This course is designed to be a basic survey of American History from the time of the native Americans to the 21st century.  Students are encouraged and reminded of God's blessings on America and the importance of righteousness for the American people.  主要内容包括:殖民时期的美国, 美国独立战争和共和国的建立, 西迁, 奴隶制和南北战争, 工业革命, 进步运动, 第一次世界大战, 咆哮的20年代, 大萧条, 二战, 冷战, 动荡的20世纪60年代和美国在20世纪的角色.  Special emphasis is given to the imprtance of the church and the moral and cultural changes that have taken place in America. 世界历史-  From Creation to the Renaissance; Students will learn to appreciate God's sovereignty in the creation of the world and His grace in dealing with mankind.  学生将学习古代世界的主要文化及其成就, 尤其是他们的宗教和精神信仰.  Special attention will be given to the redemption of mankind through the Messiah and the growth of and importance of the early church.  The decline of the church in the Middle Ages will also be examined along with the critical events of the Renaissance and the Reformation.. 现代将在9/10世界史中进行研究.

9/10年级-  世界地理-  The students will study the two main branches of geography = physical geography and human geography.  God's role in the creation of the world and the resources that He has placed in it for man's benefit will be emphasized.  各大洲和国家的主要物理特征也将被研究和分析, 以及经济和重点产品.  The religions and spiritual condition of each major world culture region will be discussed and examined.. There are many "hands on" activities such as maps of the major countries of the world that the students will work on.  世界历史-这是一门概括性的课程,从最初的几年创造到21世纪.  就像世界历史的八分之一 , 世界历史的主要文化将从圣经的观点来研究.  在现代, the importance of philosophy and thinking will be analyzed and discussed- the "why" behind man's actions and reactions.  工业革命和技术革命的不可思议的影响也将被研究.  The difference of a single 生活 for good or evil will be looked at - from men such as David Livingstone to Karl Marx.  这门课程的最后还包括对人类未来的简要概述.

11/12年级  美国历史上 -在第7/8节美国历史课上,将学习美国历史的主要主题 .  Students will be strongly encouraged to do much more thinking and analyzing of the importance of a Biblical World view and the consequences of not applying God's eternal principles to American politics and history.  One major report and/or project will be assigned each semester to encourage research and further study pf a topic of interest to the student. 美国政府与经济 学生将学习美国政治文件的基础.S. 宪法?  我们将讨论和分析上帝管理的基本原则, 比如“为什么我们需要一个政府,哪种形式是最好的。?  学生将详细学习宪法, 特别是联邦政府的三个分支机构是如何工作和相互作用的.  Students are encouraged to be active in the American political process by discussing the major political issues of the day and by voting.  在经济学, 研究自由企业制度, 伴随着需求和供给的基本原则, 努力工作的重要性, 等.  美国经济走向社会主义的趋势也将被分析和检验.



西班牙语1 -向学生介绍口头和书面西班牙语.  我们祈祷他们能看到精通第二语言的效用和智慧.  我们也讨论、探讨并为世界各地西班牙人团体的属灵需要祷告.  穷Todo el Mundo(巴西)

Spanish 2 - (Pre-requisite Spanish 1)  This course continues by teaching 语法 and vocabulary in Spanish.  特别强调的是动词的不完成时态和将来时态.  口语技能,尤其是在非正式场合的口语能力.